Federal Crimes

We Will Defend You Against Your Federal Offense Charges.

The difference between the laws and procedures for a state crime versus a federal crime are considerable. If you have been charged with a federal crime, you will likely be investigated by government agencies such as the FBI, IRS or DEA. Also, when federal cases go to trial, they are prosecuted by the United States Attorney rather than a state or district attorney. In order to protect your rights, it is essential to gain legal representation that has experience in federal criminal defense.

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Joshua D. Rydell have a proven record of success in defending federal criminal charges. Our lawyers understand what it takes to build a defense strong enough to go up against the sophisticated technology, extensive authority and highly trained staff that the government agencies use to shape their case. We have the resources and the experience necessary to defend our clients in even the most complex federal criminal cases.

While we have experience in nearly every type of federal criminal case, the types of crimes we most commonly work with include:

  • White Collar Crimes
  • Firearms Offenses
  • Drug Crimes
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