Florida Bar Representation

Whether you are a Florida lawyer or applicant to The Florida Bar, The Law Offices of Joshua Rydell can represent you in professional regulatory matters. From defending complaints and grievances, to reinstatement and readmission procedures, our lawyers are here to defend your rights and your reputation.   

Representation of Florida Bar Applicants

As if there is not already enough stress with being a law student, you now have to deal with possible bar administration issues. While obtaining your Juris Doctor degree is quite an accomplishment, this is merely the first step toward admission to The Florida Bar. Many law students are unaware that if the Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE) believes that you have issues of commission, drug or alcohol issues, or issues of omission relating to any required information on your bar application for admission, you will be subject to a character and fitness investigation.

In order to avoid any complications in the application process, it is best to seek out legal advice from the beginning. Our lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to Florida Bar defense matters and are here to help you to successfully navigate through the process. Whether you need assistance in obtaining relevant documents, a review of your bar application prior to submission, or you have received inquiries from the FBBE about your bar admission application, The Law Office of Joshua D. Rydell is here to provide you with a Florida Bar applicant attorney.

Contact The Law Offices of Joshua D. Rydell for matters relating to admissions to The Florida Bar, such as:

  • Review of Florida Bar Applications before submission
  • Assistance with Florida Bar Application amendments
  • Assistance in amending law school applications
  • Investigative Hearing representation
  • Formal Hearing representation
  • Matters involving Florida Bar Examination special accommodations due to disability
  • Petitions to the Florida Supreme Court reviewing Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
  • Readmission or rehabilitation hearing representation

Representation of Florida Lawyers

Our law offices have represented lawyers in responding to initial inquiries, grievances and complaints filed with or by The Florida Bar. Not only do we understand the legal intricacies of dealing with this process, we understand the impact this process can have on a lawyer’s career and reputation. In order to minimize any damage to your livelihood, it is imperative that you obtain a lawyer with extensive experience in Florida Bar defense.

At The Law Offices of Joshua D. Rydell, our bar defense practice focuses on lawyer discipline, as well as mitigation and avoidance of any disciplinary action. If you are facing Florida Bar complaints, contact our offices for representation in the following areas:

  • Responding to initial inquiries/complaints/grievances
  • Representation before grievance committees, including evidentiary hearings
  • Proceedings before a Referee, including final hearings
  • Sanctions hearings
  • Appeals to Designated Reviewers and the Disciplinary Review Committee
  • Proceedings before the Standing Committee on Advertising
  • Proceedings before The Florida Bar Board of Governors
  • Petitions for Review before the Florida Supreme Court
  • Appellate proceedings and oral argument before the Florida Supreme Court
  • Reinstatement proceedings following suspensions and placements on inactive status
  • Contempt proceedings
  • Board of Legal Specialization and Education (BLSE) proceedings
  • Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL) investigations and proceedings
  • Expert testimony regarding legal ethics and legal fees
  • Ethics opinions, including trust account compliance reviews
  • Representation in Bar fee arbitration proceedings and mediations
  • Diversions to Practice and Professionalism Enhancement Programs, including: advertising workshops, trust account workshop, professionalism workshop, Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc., anger management, and Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS)
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